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Nice/funny folks I know through Tumblr (Aric runs the fantastic A Talking Cat ironic interest blog) are trying to adopt a child after 4 failed pregnancies. It costs $40,000+ to adopt and they’re trying to crowdfund as much as they can.

Signal boost and help them out here!

We’ve fed a lot of objects. Had a lot of laughs. So if you’ve enjoyed yourself, please consider making a donation to help my wife and me out! Thank you!



Character development, anyone?

I never realized how powerful this line is. It’s not just that she’s saying Katniss is beautiful, she’s also saying the people of the capitol aren’t. That their beauty is not real. It’s not beautiful. She’s not beautiful. All the wigs, make up and silly fussy dresses she wears are not beautiful. It’s not real beauty. 

I can’t explain to you guys how much I love and adore her.

(Source: swanhook)

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